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What Made GeneCode DMIT So Unique?

"DERMATOGLYPHIC refers to the branch of science in the study of the patterns of skins (dermal) ridges present on the fingers, palms, toes and the soles of human. It reveals the CONGENITAL LINK between our FINGERPRINTS and our INTRINSIC QUALITIES and TALENTS"....are our exposed genetic traits outside our body.

YOUR's Fingerprints (Genetic Science Of Fingerprints), formed from the 13th. to 21st. week during concealment in our mother's womb. Scientists found that fingerprints and human brain's neocortex develope simultaneously.

Don't YOU want to know what are the figures that are going to fill in all those marked ?.

What Needs Is YOUR assessment to the quantitative chart of YOUR Neocortex And GeneCode DMIT Can Give It To You...

The 20 page blueprint of YOU! The truth is there is nobody else like you on the entire planet and your DNA says so.

Your genetic code is unique to YOU and YOU alone. And that is why it's so IMPORTANT you become aware of what YOUR intelligences and talents, not what you may have previously thought it was.

GeneCode DMIT is one of the only company in Malaysia that can give you a report of who you are, your OWN PERSONALIZED report based on your very own GENETICS.

Why is this good for you?.

Well, because it takes the guesswork out of choosing your well being. No more should I trial this or that, you now have an EXACT analysis of what your neocortex multiple potential to ensure peak performance in your journey of life..

So in essence GeneCode DMIT analysis report, to provide you with the ultimate empowerment so you're no longer wasting your hard earned money and time.

Imagine no more trial and error learning, spending hundreds of dollars per month wondering if what you're putting in your brain really beneficial and comfortable to YOU because you've finally discovered the TRUTH about your inborn talents and intelligences.

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John Evangelist Purkinji – 1823 a professor of anatomy at the University of Breslau, published his thesis researching of fingerprint patterns classification.

Sir Francis Galton – 1892 A British anthropologist and a cousin of Charles Darwin, He published his book, "Fingerprints", establishing the individuality and permanence of fingerprints. The book included the first classification system for fingerprints.

1926 Harold Cummins, M.D. aka. the Father of Dermatoglyphics. And C.Midlo, M.D.studied all aspects of fingerprint analysis, from anthropology to genetics and embryology perspective. 1943 Published book, Finger Prints, Palms and Soles, a bible in the field of dermatoglyphics

1944, Dr Julius Spier Psycho-Analytic Chirologist published “The Hands of Children” he made several significant discoveries especially in the area of psycho-sexual development and the diagnosis of imbalances and problems in this area from the patterns of the hands.

1968,Sarah Holt, whose own work 'The Genetics of Dermal Ridges' published in 1968, summarizes her research in of dermatoglyphics patterns of both the fingers and the palm in various peoples, both normal and congenitally afflicted.

1976,Schaumann and Alter's 'Dermatoglyphics in Medical Disorders' published.Significant investigations have also been carried out into the dermatoglyphics indicators of congenital heart disease, leukaemia, cancer, rubella embryopathy, Alzheimer's disease, schizophrenia etc. Dermatoglyphics research being directed into genetic research and the diagnosis of chromosomal defects

1970’s USSR,Former Soviet Union. Using Dermatoglyphics in selecting the contestant for Olympics. 1980’s China carry out researching work of human potential, intelligence and talents in dermatoglyphics and human genome perspective.

1985,Dr. Chen Yi Mou Phd. of Havard University research Dermatoglyphics based on Multiple Intelligence theory of Dr. Howard Gardner. First apply dermatoglyphics to educational fields and brain physiology.

2000’s Dr Stowens, Chief of Pathology at St Luke's hospital in New York, claims to be able to diagnose schizophrenia and leukaemia with up to a 90% accuracy. In Germany, Dr Alexander Rodewald reports he can pinpoint many congenital abnormalities with a 90% accuracy.
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2004 IBMBS- International Behavioral & Medical Biometrics Society. Over 7000 report and thesis published. Nowadays the U.S., Japan or China, Taiwan apply dermatoglyphics to educational fields, expecting to improve teaching qualities and raising learning efficiency by knowing various learning styles.

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